FAQs Continued

  1. What sort of candidates are out there? What calibre?

    There is a vast range of Kickstart Scheme candidates currently unemployed and looking to move into the workplace. Aged 16-24, there will be a mix of those coming in at entry level, looking for their first job.

    Others are perhaps graduates, looking for their first career step and some will possibly have been working for years before the pandemic caused jobs cuts. And with so many industries affected by lockdown and restrictions, there are many highly skilled and ready-to-work candidates with transferable skills looking to get back into the work place as soon as possible. Feedback from employers successfully recruiting under the scheme has been incredibly positive.
  1. What’s in it for them, working to minimum wage on part time hours? Is that sustainable and will I end up with someone not interested or who will move on as soon as they can?

    Some may be looking into further education to support their careers, so this will work well for them. Others may already have a part time job or other responsibilities which means part time suits them best. Employers can boost the earnings by increasing on hours worked or the hourly rate, if it is viable for them.

  2. Is my business eligible? We’re a small company/team. We could really benefit from some support and will give full training to support employability, but will it be a mammoth task to enter the Kickstart Scheme?

    To check eligibility, please contact us via our website – www.suttoncroft.com  Whilst we cannot confirm if your application will be successful, we can review the information you provide and advise on how to ensure best chance of approval. If you do wish to proceed, our team will help you with each step of the way, ensuring you can focus on your business. We’ll be the liaison with the DWP and will work with you to support the application and 6-month placement throughout.

  3. What if my application is not accepted?

    We will complete thorough checks before submitting your application to the DWP. If there is any information missing or we have any questions, we will come back to you as soon as possible for clarification. If the DWP does not offer approval, we will write to notify you and advise on any recommendations or changes before submitting again.

  4. Is the Kickstart Scheme for bigger companies or those seeking high staffing numbers?

    No not at all. Small and medium businesses are encouraged to apply for the Kickstart Scheme funding. There are no minimum placements in order to receive funding, so if you have one placement you can offer, you welcome to apply and will not be disadvantaged for not taking on more staff.

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  1. I am wondering about the Kickstart scheme and bringing a younger person into my business with a view to opening up a new avenue which is not dependent solely on my skills ?
    I would need an individual who has level 3 qualifications in beauty therapy even if no experience as 6 months provides an opportunity to provide this. Personality is key in this service industry. As the business owner am I able to select/ recruit the candidate and not proceed if a suitable person does not come forward?

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