How much does it cost?

Applying through Kickstart Jobs UK is free of charge for employers.

We will handle the application process with the Government. You will receive 100% of the funding – we do not take a penny.

Also, by applying through Kickstart Jobs UK, the young people you recruit will gain free and exclusive access to our Kickstart Academy which will provide free employability skills training and support, helping you meet your employability obligations under the scheme.

For each Kickstart job, the government will cover the cost of 25 hours’ a week at the relevant National Minimum Wage in addition to pension and National Insurance contributions. Employers will also receive £1,500 per placement for wraparound support for the young person, including personal development and employability skills.   

1 thought on “How much does it cost?”

  1. Good evening

    We are a funeral company based in Somerset and Devon and have been looking into utilising the kick start scheme to increase our staffing numbers over what could a very busy period for us
    We had looked into using the scheme put together by a funeral trade association yet communication has stopped so we are looking at other options
    We would be looking at hiring up to 6 people for our 3 branches
    Any information would be great

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