Introducing Aminah Sheikh to the team

We are thrilled to introduce Aminah Sheikh, Sutton Crofts Admin Assistant from the Governments Kickstart Scheme. We asked Aminah a few questions about her experience and aspirations.

  • What made you apply for the kickstart scheme?

It looked like a good opportunity for people my age, and since I was made redundant from my last job, it seemed like my best option at professional growth in the meantime.

  • How did you hear about Sutton croft and kickstart opportunities?

I met Sutton Croft recruiters at a Jobs fair, it was the first time I’d heard of this company.

  • What are you hoping to gain from your placement?

I want to develop my experience and skills for long term employment. If anything, a permanent role would be the goal.

  • What would you say to other young people about this opportunity?

To other young people, this is a great opportunity to see what’s out there for you. There’s a lot more range than you think.

  • Any hobbies?

I play video games in my spare time. A little juvenile, but fun to get your mind off work for a while.

  • Your career aspirations

I’m happy to go where the wind takes me, but ideally the long-term goal is to work for the Civil Service for a specific department like Foreign Office, as it’s directly related to my degree – or in HR, both interest me.

  • Favourite quote

“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated” – Maya Angelou

Welcome to the team!

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