Meet Abigail, our new kickstarter

We are thrilled to introduce Abigail Marsby, Sutton Crofts Recruitment Assistant, our third employer from the Governments Kickstart Scheme. We asked Abigail a few questions about her experience and aspirations.

Why you applied for a Kickstart role?

I applied for a Kickstart role because I really wanted to kick start my career. I wanted to gain experience whilst developing on my current skills.

What are you hoping to gain from the placement?

I’m hoping to gain a lot of experience whilst developing my knowledge about recruitment. I’m also hoping to learn from as many experience people within the company, as I feel this will give me the right team working qualities and attributes to become a valuable and loyal employee.

What would you say to other young people about accessing a Kickstart placement?

Go for it! The kickstart placement is a great opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills. You’ll be surrounded with people who will always support you and want the best for you. Never be scared to ask questions or ask for help and always be open to any opportunities that come along the way.

Any hobbies

I don’t really have any hobbies, but I really enjoy going out with my friends, whether it’s going out to eat or doing fun activities, I really enjoy socialising.

Your career aspirations

I aspire to work in HR. I really enjoy communicating with people and I believe a career in HR is best suited for me. I’m also open to continue working in recruitment after the placement.

Favourite quote

My richness is life forever – Bob Marley

Welcome to the team Abigail.

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