Meet Gokce Sen

We are thrilled to introduce Gokce Sen, Sutton Crofts Admin Assistant from the Governments Kickstart Scheme. We asked Aminah a few questions about her experience and aspirations.

  • What made you apply for the kickstart scheme?

I applied to the Kickstart scheme because I wanted to head a new direction of career and knew that Kickstart had so many options for young beginners like myself to explore

  • How did you hear about Sutton croft and kickstart opportunities?

I found out about Kickstart online and heard about Govern Ed/Sutton Croft from my local jobcentre.

  • What are you hoping to gain from your placement?

I’m hoping to gain as much knowledge and skills that I had not had previously, both job skills and personal development

  • What would you say to other young people about this opportunity?

I would defiantly recommend this opportunity to young people as its great way to discover new jobs and job titles and gives you a perfect head start to a long-term career

  • Any hobbies?

My hobby is collecting vintage polaroid camera pictures and scrapbooking

  • Your career aspirations

My long-term career aspiration is owning/managing a business

  • Favourite quote

My favourtie quote is “When its dark, look for the stars”

Welcome to the team!

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