Meet Rhys, our 2nd Kickstarter

We are thrilled to introduce Rhys McKendry, Sutton Crofts Finance Assistant, our second employer from the Governments Kickstart Scheme. We asked Rhys a few questions about his experience and aspirations.

  • Why you have applied for a Kickstart role?

I am starting my Master’s degree in September 2021 and the 6 month placement offered under the Kickstart scheme perfectly suits my needs. Kickstart roles are ideal for getting valuable experience to further your career and providing you with genuine responsibility.

  • What you are hoping to gain from the placement?

I hope to become an Economist in the near future, and my current placement will give me an invaluable opportunity to work with government contracts. I hope that the role will improve my time management and organisation skills, as well as my communication skills.  

  • What would you say to other young people about accessing a Kickstart placement?

You have nothing to lose! The kickstart scheme is designed to help young people who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. There will be a role suited to your skills and career aspirations, that is waiting for someone like you to apply!

  • Any hobbies?

I am a keen runner and cyclist. I also love to read and probably spend far too much money on books!

  • What are your career aspirations?

After completing my Master’s degree I hope to become an Economist.

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