Payment Process & FAQs

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment.

Funding covers:

Once you have interviewed and selected a suitable young person, you must notify us immediately. Failure or a delay in doing so will result in a delay in receiving your funding.

The payment of the £1500 setup grant will be processed by DWP 10 days from your Kickstarter’s start date. As an intermediary, we will receive the funds from DWP and pass on relevant payments to you. Once we receive the setup grant from DWP, we have 5 days to transfer funds to the employer. Please expect to receive the setup grant approx. 2-3 weeks from your Kickstarter’s start date.

Wage reimbursements are split into 6 equal payments. If your Kickstarter started on the 4th of April, the first wage payment would be for the period 4th April – 3rd May. Each installment is based on 25 hours per week at the national minimum wage. The national min wage is age-dependent so this will vary according to the age of the Kickstarter. Wage costs will include the associated employer’s National Insurance contributions and pension costs.

The first installment will be received approx. 6 -7 weeks from the Kickstarter’s start date. This delay allows for DWP to confirm with HMRC that the Kickstarter has been added to the employer’s payroll and the RTI submission has been completed. Subsequent wage installments will then be received monthly in arrears.

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