Working Travel Group – Case Study

Many of the businesses who submitted their kickstart application with us now have live, fully funded work placements within their organisation.

Here we’ve received feedback from Abby Thurston who is currently employed at Working Travel Group as their Digital Marketing Executive, on a 6 month kickstart contract.

“I started my Kickstart placement with Working Travel Group (WTG) on the 7th April 2021 as a digital marketing executive after losing 2 cafe jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The position appealed to me because it is incredibly beneficial for my future plans, and also offered me some security for the (still ongoing) duration of the scheme, which is 6 months in total.

I can confidently say that I have been provided valuable life experience, which I will definitely be able to use in the future.

So far, I feel like I have already achieved most of these objective in the first couple of months working with WTG, and my peers have been incredibly supportive and have always helped me when I am struggling. They prioritise mental health above anything, and so my aim of working for a supportive and friendly team has already been achieved!

I also feel as though I have proven to myself that I can succeed in my role, due to the amazing feedback, both positive and constructive, my peers have given me, and I have gained a lot of knowledge through the briefing I had on my first shift, which gave me an incredible insight into the business, how they operate, and what their philosophy is, which I completely supported!

It seems to me that kickstart placements are looked upon as being for those who are lazy, merely because you must be claiming universal credit in order to get a placement. Let’s break that stigma for a moment. I claimed Universal Credit because I lost two jobs because of COVID19, definitely not because I was lazy and wanted to claim money without commitments. It is also necessary to be searching for a job whilst on the Universal Credit scheme. For those who have graduated from uni and are looking for experience to help Kickstart their career, the sole purpose of the Kickstart scheme.”

If you own a business and you would like to know more about the kickstart scheme and how you can receive funds for work placements within your organisation, click here

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